SHEPL provides a comprehensive range of Diving Services to undertake any kind of Subsea activity, like:

Pre-engineering, pre- construction and Post installation surveys of Jackets/Risers/Platforms,
Installation of I-tube and Riser Clamps,
Installation of I/J tubes,
Installation of umbilicals and cables thru the I/J tubes
Freespan corrections, crossovers, for subsea pipelines
Tie-in spool pieces, and related activities including performing metrology, monitoring of spool lowering, alignment of spool, performing flange bolting & hydra tightening/bolt tensioning, as-built video survey etc.
Installation of Barge Bumpers
Riser installation related diving activities
Inspection , Repair & Mainenance,
SPM/SBM operation, annual Inspection & Maintenance,
Underwater Inspection in lieu of Drydock ( UWILD) for Rigs. Platforms & Ships etc.

Assets and Equipment:
? Air & Mix Gas Diving System
? Saturation Diving System
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